Little Rainbows

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Red Room

(Preschool Room 3 years)

Little Rainbows Community Preschool CIC:


Bitteswell Road, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 4EW


01455 558241


Opening times:


We are open for 46 weeks of the year.


Monday -Friday:



We love to play outside in the red room and are always running around playing superhero's or frozen! When we come inside we like making pictures with our natural resources such as sticks, shells, pebbles and feathers.


"The  red room team  believe in learning through play using the children's interests.  We promote awareness of others and reward kindness with a special heart.  Children's opinion's and decisions are considered in our daily circle time chats where are able to share their lives with us", Says Jo the room leader.

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